Rural tourism accomodation in the northeastern of Lithuania, Utena region,  countryside  Asmalai.  Countrisyde is situated about 100km from Capital Vilnius, 130 km from Kaunas, 100 km from Panevėžys, 10 km from Utena by the lake Pelakys,  only 0,3km.  from road 111 Utena -Svencionys.  There is centre of  locality traditional winter  rally.

You can stay there for accomodation in a modern wood hause with  kichen, WC and  shower,  refresh yourself in  sauna, what is in the seperate small  house on lake shore.  You can stay there with Your’s campers and tents too.

Some foto of the countryside  You can look  at the page  ”Galerija”

Wach a video about Utena town:


Directions how You can  find us:   road 111 from Utena to Svencionys,   by the sign-post what show  9km from  Utena (landmark , what  mark  each kilometres made  from Utena)  , please turn left.  There will be 0,3 km small road what follow only to our countryside. Map and plan you can find in the page ” Kaip mus rasti”

Contacts: telephone +370 686 89101 , email: sodybaprieutenos@gmail.com, my name is AIDAS

Prices  per person and for whole farmstead:  15-20 Eur per person 1 night,  100 Eur for  hause (10-14 persons) per night , sauna 50 Eur for evenining in case you are living in our countyside.  Whole farmstead  for  celebration 500Eur per night ( till 50 persons).  Prices can depend on the  concrete  situation, we will find right  version for both sides.